‘Hi Blog, I’m new’ ‘Hi Etim Exkluse, I’m a Blog’

Hi everyone. I’ve decided to FINALLY make a blog where I will be exhibiting ALL the films I make, film & general articles, film reviews and more (when I come to think of what). Basically this blog, hopefully will be my life (But I’m not sad, I swear).

I basically decided to make this blog because I don’t just direct or film or edit or write articles and be uncool, I do loads of different things. So I thought it would be pretty cool if I just made a big cyber den where you can literally explore, what I’m getting up to.

I’ll probably get you guys and girls involved in some Pre-Production decisions I’ll be making, college projects, personal projects and anything else I feel like blogging.

Because I am new to this, I am going to do what the hell I want (I actually don’t care if goes against the ‘millions of laws you dont cross as a blogger’ as I am l e a r n i n g, you can’t take life too seriously, you’ll live a boring life. However, being the wise young man my mother would like me to be, If you have tips & suggestions for me please do let me know, my contact details are on the Contact page.

The voyage begins… (Imagine that being said in one of them voice over style voices we hear on spooky trailer, EPIC!)

Oh yeah my twitter is @EtimExkluse


2 thoughts on “‘Hi Blog, I’m new’ ‘Hi Etim Exkluse, I’m a Blog’

  1. I already like your style of writing, looking forward to reading more. Laughed a bit as well… (Y) Thumbs Up

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