Me, My Camera & A Studio Session with @LifeOfOConnor

On the 5th of May, I went down to a music studio in North London, Seven Sisters to be exact (run by @Doc_Area52) to film a new, exuberant up and coming talent. He goes by the stage name of O’Connor. A quirky,  London based rapper who I quite like because of his ability to remain unique, in a music industry where copycatting seems to be the trend. Although he does remind me of the witty flare Eminem has. After being contacted by his management (@Billionweeks founder of chemical house label) a couple weeks before the shoot, through a kind referral from @missjozaxx (which I’m very appreciative of) we sorted the date out and got things cracking!

I released the video on Saturday 12th May, a week after shooting. The first draft of the video was read the next day, however myself and @Billionweeks worked together throughout the week to produce a product that was well polished as time was not a burden.

Here’s the finished video. If you have YouTube account let me know what you think of the video EDIT, by simply commenting, liking and re-sharing. I’m not perfect YET, hence why I need your opinion! Thanks

Note to Film Makers – Quite surprisingly, I had filmed a Studio Session before but hadn’t actually edited one, but hey there’s a first time for everything. I checked out a couple cool Studio Session videos pria to the shoot and gained a visual sense of what I’d need to capture. As a Film maker/Director/Editor, it is very crucial to have an idea of what your finished project is going to look like, otherwise you may miss the opportunity to shoot effective frames full of codes and conventions your audience want to see! Don’t forget it’s all about your audience!

Make sure you follow everyone involved on twitter: @EtimExkluse, @LifeOfOConnor, @Billionweeks, @missjozaxx, @Doc_Area52

O’Connors website:


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