Spiderman saves the pound!


Have you ever wondered how random it is when your oyster beeps. Child oysters beep more than once. Student and Adult Oysters click once. Random right ?

When someone asks for a pound, the answer’s usually an abrupt, rehearsed NO! Like to say ‘Why didn’t you bring out enough money in the morning?’ or ‘Sorry mate, I gotta go get my grub at lunch’.

Sometimes, some mad person buts in (like Spiderman when Mary-Jane’s being help captive by that groosom goblin) and says ‘Hey, here’s a pound’. Immediately your heart seems to say ‘Crap, that guys nice, we need to be more like him’. You feel like an idiot right. You feel like a looser right, Like a twat ? Useless ? Get a bit angry because you got caught out as greedy?

Remember the Oyster card beeps? They were designed to do the same thing in two different ways. One design was to beep once, the other was to beep more than once. Those  were their designs.

Let’s say Spiderman was more than one beep, and the other guy was one beep. Spiderman man had a desire to be selfless, helpful and considerate and thus, could easily be of help. Where as, the other dude cared more about how his pound would effect his day… Which could easily be seen as a self centred attitude (but hey, how do you get rich by giving your riches?).
They both had a pre-meditated reaction, fueled by their desires and consequently designed to satisfy these desires.

I’m not saying either were right or wrong, but they were both designed to ‘live’, You know? the ‘usual’ design as things that have hearts, legs and arms. The same way the Oyster cards had the same design, but two different desires (the Oyster card thing is so random, but you get the drift… Yeah I’m uncool)

Personally I’d rather be with Spiderman. Imagine that, having someone who’d help you out whenever you wanted! Someone who didn’t care about them self aslong as you was alright. That’s really cool. That’s the kind of person I want my friends to know me as (One Day ay)! But is it okay for us to want what we can’t give…


– Please comment with any thoughts you have, if it’s totally wack to you, Say It! If you agree, Say it, If you have an idea for me, Say it! It can get quite lonely talking to yourself you know, be a friend, a cyber friend *slides shades on*.

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10 thoughts on “Spiderman saves the pound!

  1. lol, the analogies you used are bare random. Spiderman & oyster cards, lool really? tehehe, still loved it though 🙂

  2. Your a wise young man. I LOVE it, keep going the way your going at the end of this you’ll be rewarded greatly

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