The Dictator looks like a must watch! – Out 16/05/2012

I’ve just finished watching the trailer, again, and it still has me zooming into the screen with my head because of the amazingmenttasticness of it. It looks so stupid, and stupid is funny and I like to laugh!

After reading a couple reviews it’s blatant the storyline won’t have you diving off tower blocks in awe, however it seems to be a film that may get people ticking (so if you take like serious, at this point I’d suggest you click off this post) which sounds pretty cool. It’s been emphasised that the laughs make the film, so I guess the challenge now is, how much will I laugh?

If you’re cheap (like me) make sure you get your Orange Wednesday code for tomorrow and join me in being one of the first humans, in the civilisation on this Great and British island to watch this!


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