3 reasons why I now love Gospel Music!

Hello, hi, the sky is blue.

1. Unlike a lot of the secular music I used to listen to, I don’t feel any sense of guilt listening to it

2. It helps me be humble. The artists don’t brag about getting women, money and sex. Instead it helps me to reaffirm my identity in my cool father, creator, maker, God!

3. It’s really encouraging hearing guys who come from my kind of background being so on fire for what they believe in.

Can you relate… drop a comment

(If you want me to send you my collection of Grime, Rap, Soul and Gospel Gospel music… comment with your email or tweet me @EtimExkluse)


6 thoughts on “3 reasons why I now love Gospel Music!

  1. Can fully relate fam. This flesh will soon pass away, yeilding to the materialistic things of the world is carnality and will ultimately end you up inside an oven. Mans name isn’t cake though.. Gemmie?

    Keep doing your ting bro, I’m supporting you 100%

    • LOOOL! Yeah you’re right bro, I was born into open land why should I have a narrow mind, am I some wasteman?

      Yeah thanks a lot for supporting, I need people like you to help me 🙂

      (I only know you for ‘demManCall…’ feel free to reveal yourself to me off cyber world lol)

  2. Thats so true, It’s beyond refreshing to listen to music that is actually uplifting.. I love discovering new, young gospel artists, i think we need to support them as much as possible.
    like guvna b, he started off in my uncle’s church (Glory house) and its great to see how far hes come

  3. I DEFINITELY agree with this Gospel Music is uplifting and it puts you in that positive mood especially when your down it’s a remedy to everything because the lyrics are so true you easily connect to them, surely is better then other song with no meanings. I can relate 🙂

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