Today I went to The ‘Adobe Youth Voices Film Awards’. It was COOL!

Hello everyone. Hope your day has been ok. Anywhoo…

So today I went to the BFI (British Film Institute) to go and take part in what it says in the title. After a last minute decision to go (and a last minute panic, as I found out that morning I should have sent an email to confirm my attendance), I was more than delighted to be attending the event. I was going to see films made by cool people like me (Well, not like me as I am #uncool).

Some of the films showcased are on the Adobe Youth Voices Facebook page (I may tell you where to find them, if you read till the end of this post).


After a strenuous journey, picking my troops up @adrinerose @PortiaReid & @Abena_GH, reading my really engaging book and filling my stomach with a bottle of Supermalt and wine gums, we eventually arrived at the BFI.

We arrived there with plenty of time to spare. We’d been told there would be refreshments available, and the team at BFI prevailed! Wahoo! Following the death of our refreshments short short time on display, the fresh smile that proudly glazed our stomachs and the cheeky Sprite grinning in my backpack, it was time for the celebration.

Fozia, who I believe co-ordinates the Adobe Youth Voices in London/England (It’s a WORLD WIDE organisation, everybody say WOAH!) welcomed us all in, ‘all’ reached from Kent to West London to all over England. After all the ‘Creatives’ (A posh sounding word the teachers used to describe themselves as being creative) did their speech on the organisations and students they were representing we got stuck into the main course of the celebration.


The screening was astounding. 16 of the best projects all over England were shown. The screenings were all documentaries, tackling issues the youth felt passionate about. Subjects matters ranging from Identities, Stereotyping, Cultures, and more! ALL of the films I saw were very engaging and fascinating.  If you happen to be reading this and your film was shown, a big thumbs up from me to you!

Particular films that stood out to me were ‘Hoodforts’, ‘Ebony Rides’, ‘Leah’ and ‘A New Chapter’.

‘Leah’ was a story about a girl who seemed to have an Identity issue. The story was told through still images. Leah appeared to be struggling with the abuse she had received throughout her life and after carrying out what looked like a routine prostitution job, she was left in tears, in isolation, a place of uncertainty. I loved the way emotion was expressed through the soundtrack and the clear frames anchored the narrative effectively.

‘Ebony Rides’ introduced us to the brighter side of Brixton that is not usually concentrated on. This was what was so interesting about it. The documentary explained how the horse riding facility was a place for troubled, ethnic kids specifically, to escape from anger and explored the benefits this brought to the youngsters.

‘A New Chapter’ was captivating for me because of what the girl who produced the animation had achieved. She had no knowledge on animation to start with, but the final project I saw was so good that I started to believe I could fly. A truly humbling experience.

‘Hoodforts’ was the best for me. A documentary that searched for the reasoning behind stereotyping and a message that seemed to exclaim ‘How judgemental are you?’. The cinematography in it was absolutely eye-hoovering (Yes, I make up words) and the professionalism of the project was parallel of any current Documentary showing on the TV at the moment.

Unfortunately, towards the end of the screening I had to leave for work. Yes, I was very upset but being the responsible young man I knew I was (wink face), I had to go.


My trooper @adrinerose did me a huge favour and told me what I missed out on. She said that I didn’t actually miss much (Apart from 4 epic films!) and that the film which received 1st place was ‘Hoodforts’, 2nd place was ‘Ebony Rides’and 3rd place was ‘Cyber Bullying’ (which was by a student from college, Westminster Kingsway! I missed this one though).

I would personally like to give a big thank you to Adobe Youth Voices for the opportunities they provide, and a personal thank you to Fozia, Roxanne, Ade and everyone else involved for giving us youth a chance to get our work out there. I whole heartedly appreciate the effort put in for us. Even though this time around my film could not be shown (As it was not finished, humph! – ‘Why Do Young People Hustle’, COMING SOON!), I am looking forward to hopefully making something intriguing enough to be picked and showcased out of the many submissions (Click here to see my videos).

That pretty much explains The Adobe Youth Celebration today. I wanted to explain this in 300 words but I didn’t want to leave anything out (As you can tell, I was very pleased with the event!). I hope this post is insightful for some of you, maybe it isn’t? Let me know your thoughts by commenting.. Cho for Now.

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