@MissJasmania – 2nd place Film Maker from yesterdays ‘AYV Film Awards’ finds my blog post (Video In Post)

Morning all.

So it’s time to depart my sleep. I wake up and quickly glance at my mentions page on twitter with a sort of ‘tired squint’ and see a tweet from someone totally new. It read…

First tweet sent at 9.28am

I think it’s pretty cool the way the world-wide web works. Don’t you?

For those of you who would rather not read on click here to watch the video.

For those of you who would like to hear a bit more, here’s a following, more extensive summary of ‘Ebony Rides’. I define the film with these 3 words ‘Original, Emotional & Funny’. I wrote a brief summary of her film on my previous blog (for an overview of the whole event click here).

The message of the documentary was a brave and bold one which I perceived as ‘Brixton Smiles Too’. The narrative reached a gap in the market, starting with what ‘we’ usually think of when we think of Brixton; this was anchored by vox pop voice overs of different people’s opinions of Brixton.

The opinions weren’t at best doing many favours for Brixton. This was what made the documentary, because subsequently the narrative takes us on a journey to find hope (and we do find it + humour!).

The interviews with the youth that followed were, engaging and insightful. It was nice to see personalities in Brixton being represented in a positive way for a change. As I watched the documentary I felt like I was learning at a high knowledge to time ratio, which was very gratifying.

Throughout the documentary there was one kid that had me literally ‘Loling’. He would say something really deep and humbling then take a cheeky dig at one of his mates. At one point he was proving the typical stereotype of Brixton wrong,  then light-heartedly said something along the lines of ‘Maybe the Queen will feel safe here one day’.

In a nutshell ‘Ebony Rides’ was a very uplifting and inspirational film. Have a watch and comment with your thoughts. Don’t forget to follow the Film Maker @MissJasmania



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