London based, underground media production company ‘Rap City’ seem to have been closed down by YouTube due to violations. After receiving a broadcast on my blackberry about the whole catastrophe, I abruptly went to check out the YouTube channel which is now non-existent.

Rap City is infamous for its support and promotion to underground rap artists, mainly through the medium of high quality Music Videos. They have shot videos for the likes of: Sneakbo, Cashtastic, Yungen, Shower Malik, Don Slickz, Dampah + MORE! Despite the madness, Rap City bravely tweeted about the chaos, keeping their guns blazing with tweets that read:Image:Rap City supporters seem to be taking the news pretty well (considering all that Rap City has done for London based artists, only arrogance would be the reason for lack of support). Here are some tweets on the Rap City twitter from their supporters:


Is this another Grime Daily situation? I couldn’t answer that question for you yet, but follow my blog (Right Pane) and I’ll try my best to update you on the happenings.

It’s an unfortunate event, although Rap City seem to have it in them to turn this upside down scenario on it’s head. The production team put a lot of time and effort into running the Rap City Youtube channel, so it’s sad to see evidence of that work go down the drain. Nevertheless, let’s show some appreciation of the hard work  the Rap City team have put into our community and support them.

The hash tag to support Rap City appears to be #bringbackrapcity, If you’re supporting the cause, get involved!

Rap City Website: www.rapcitytv.com

Rap City Twitter: @RapCityTv

Written by @EtimExkluse


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