Inspirational New Short Film by @jajapdc & @UkOverstood – A MUST WATCH! (Video In Post)

During my break from video editing this evening, I happened to stumble across a video on my YouTube subscription feed, which stood out to me as soon as I saw the word Inspirational (I believe in the highlighting of the good things in life).

The short film was about a young, Afro-Caribbean kid who’s only motive in life was to get money. That’s all he knew. He wakes up one morning to his mum nagging him about school. The long and short of the story is that throughout his day he experiences several scenarios that make him think twice about his priorities; this included: chases, being with the wrong people at the wrong time, getting ‘kidnapped’ in a boot and several other instances. During these experiences, ‘Olders’ played by several well known underground London artists including: Krept, Dru Blu, Adz & shallow and Pane & Yardz, guide the young kid in the direction of education (Subjectively stating the inferiority of money).

The main theme that stood out to me was role models. A role model in a young man’s life is an important subject matter. A role model is what a young man understands to be a ‘real man’. So the fact role models were used in ways that were positive, was very gratifying for me as the viewer.

I don’t want to blabba on too much, However I strongly advise you to watch this short film and hold a discussion with a mate about it. Do you agree with what is being promoted? Does it matter if you think some of the scenarios are unrealistic? Is it good to focus on the good and ignore what actually goes on in your community?

Personally, I like to concentrate on how we can make change for the better. In contrast, others may like to concentrate on the reality. I guess everyone has their own values.

(Note to Film Makers – The hand-held nature of the film adds to the verisimilitude of the production. There are of course quite a few continuity errors, particularly in the sound, but I believe you can excuse this because of the substance in the plot. The narrative is captivating, emotional and exciting to say the least. The transitions are an excellent feature to the film and show originality. #ExkluseFilmScore – Visuals 7/10 Narrative 9.5/10)

Make sure you follow @jajapdc @TJrealdealbaby @creamcarteluk & @UkOverstood particularly for putting the film together. More so, the script writer ‘Tara-Jayne Manufor’ did an excellent job.

‘The wise are known for their understanding, their pleasant words make them better teachers’ Proverbs 16:21

Written by @EtimExkluse


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