Don’t you just hate big, fat, juicy SPOTS! Temptation spots?

Good morning human beings, I hope everyones day will be full of smiles and cheek tensing!

I had a bit of a Tom Tom period, almost forgot who I was (had to search for “Etim”), hence the absence of blogs. I lacked them, wacky obscure but synomously sane creative juices which I use like a bee uses a sting, I guess you can say I got my buzz back, oh yeah… excuse the pun.

But guess what? I dialed my creator for an answer. Yes, you guessed it. He answered back asap and provided me with the reaffirmation of who I was. Thanks God.

Time to get to the point with this blog, clinical like Messi infront of a rectangle that houses a net!

Crap, I literally forgot what I was going to say…

*Pauses for voice of remembrance*

OH YEAH. You get spots right? They’re nasty and vial. I think if rats had a human blemish form they’d be a spot. They say hello to strangers whilst chilling on your face like it’s happy days. Excuse me spot! No-one wants to see you! You loner.

So I think it’s safe to say we realise spots are unwanted and destroy our beautiful faces ( Yes, you’re beautiful, male or female… to someone, you can smile btw).

So what do we do? We sometimes seem to think our fingers transform into the spot patrol. Right? What happens after you opress your spot? Well, if you’re of darker skin colour, you usually relegate your skin tone down a couple shades. If you’re of a slightly lighter skin complection, you usually turn the spot into the same colour of a traffic light that haults vehicles.

These are not the results we want, unless you like tarnishing your God given master piece, which would make you a mega-creep!

Usually when we leave the spot, by ignoring it, understanding that by touching it we make it worse and realising a spot is only a weapon that may attack insecurities. The spot disappears within a few days. When we yield to it with our attention, it becomes more of a problem and seems to grow from a baby onslaught to a monstrous matured onslaught that seems undefeatable. The key is to make sure you don’t feed the baby onslaught so it CAN’T monstrously mature! Then kill it with ignorance and concentration on things that are a bit more… Constructive and satisfying. Like painting your toe nails, that was a bad joke lol!

Now re-read this blog post and replace the word spot with temptation.

There’s a bible verse that refers to giving the devil the cold shoulder, resulting his retreat from oppression, feel free to leave some passages as a comment on this blog, thanks.

I’m going to leave it there…


Written by @EtimExkluse

2 thoughts on “Don’t you just hate big, fat, juicy SPOTS! Temptation spots?

  1. Ohhh mi gosh looooool nice save ‘replace the word spot with temptation’ Lool it made sense after that!!!!!!

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