Women are the battle brothers

Good afternoon nice people who read my blogs,

I promised to write a quick blog for guys, on my twitter and on bb so here it is.

Earlier this morning, I was speaking to one of my right arms @IreTrillions. We were discussing a book ‘Every Young Man, Gods man’; the discussion lead us to a vital topic within a young mans life, The Battle.

As men, we were created to fight, to be warriors, to rescue our princesses.

So what’s the actual battle? The battle’s having sex with the nicest girl in the ends. The battle’s not cutting eye contact when another guy thinks he’s tough. The battle’s going to a rave with the most swag, to see who gets the most compliments. The battle’s getting as rich as possible, as quick as possible. The battle’s to be ‘the guy’.

You felt stupid reading that right.

If you agree with that last paragraph, I’m afraid to tell you, YOU’RE WRONG and COWARDLY. But guess what? So am I. I still slip up, but instead of being a coward and unfolding a chair, kicking back and relaxing while others choose to fight. I get back up, I get hit, I get back up, I get punched, I get back up, I get WWE style suplexed, I get back up.

The battle’s is abstaining from sex out of marriage. The battle’s resisting male pride. The battle’s thinking about how lucky her husband will be to have her, not how unlucky you are, not to have her. The battle is complimenting our neighbours. The battle is looking after our younger siblings, even though we made plans to go out.

Qualities I believe a valiant warrior has: Selflessness, Love, Humbleness,  Aggression, Courage, Cunning, Humility, Wisdom, Encouragement (It’s not a ‘real’ word..so), Team work + many many more

There are several other battles we face as young men, I only highlighted a few. Tweet me your battles fellow warriors (@EtimExkluse), if I can bandage another brothers wound, I’ll do so. We are a brotherhood. We fight together.

Would you go to war with no strength? No training? No armour?

We’ve highlighted what actually gives us strength, now question yourself… Should a women determine your maskinility or strength? I personally know my strength is given to me from every opposing onslaught I defeat (Remember the battle? Not looking to girls for confirmation of our maskinility, Giving to needy, Not boasting etc.). I will go to the training grounds, the boot camps and the war zones. Why? Because a man is made to fight and women is made to be fought for.

If you need further confirmation, go ask a female friend what kind of man she wants as a husband. I guarentee you all she really wants, and needs, is a man willing to fight when she is not there, so he is ready to fight when she is there.

The battle is finding your strength and maskinility in the battle’s you fight. Then presenting this strength to your princess, so she is beside a warrior, not a coward. A warrior, is a real man.

You can slay the dragon. Don’t flinch. Go fight your battle.

If you were struggling to find your actual purpose as a man, I hope I’ve aided your search. If you are interested and want to gain a deeper sense of understanding, I advise you to read a book I am currently reading at the moment, ‘Wild at Heart’. Thanks for reading.

JustAThought (Can’t find the hashtag button this mac -__-)

Written by @EtimExkluse

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