Something Sick- @LifeOfOConnor -Behind The Scenes (Video in Post) #Exkluse Media

Just over a week ago, @Billionweeks & @MissJozaxx notified me of the new music video they wanted a behind the scenes video for. I had to think long and hard about shooting this video… Ok I’m lying, FILMING IS MY LIFE. So I headed up to North London to film what was poppin on the @LifeOfOConnors set for his new single ‘Something Sick’.

I managed to grab the video girls attempting some, ‘well tried’ american accents, O’Connor being rather… well, Sick and many shout outs from everyone involved in the shoot. The video was fun to film, everyone on set was lovely to be around and I’m going to stop right there so you can watch the video. WARNING the video you are about to watch is SOMETHING SICK.

Check out the last blog post I did for O’Connor.

Follow the team: Music Artist – @LifeOfOConnor | O’Connor Manager – @Billionweeks | O’Connor Pr Manager – @MissJozaxx| Freelance Film Maker – @EtimExkluse


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