Watching Digimon Series 1! Feel free to join me!

Feeling lost and unsettled, I decided to regain my poise by indulging my time in watching one of my favourite animations growing up as a kid, DIGIMON!

Unashamedly, my love for this show has not deteriorated, but instead, remains as strong as… something that is strong. So if you want to watch the series with me, I’m glad to have you on board, it’s going to be a diggy journey, oh pardon me, I think I meant to say dodgy – but in a super sick way of course.

I may keep you guys updated with my progress on the series by posting up each episode as I watch it… But I dunno if I’ll be bothered? We’ll see ay.

#TeamDigimon put your hands in the air and wave em round like you just don’t care!



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