Digimon Journey: Ep.3

Episode one and two introduced us to the team of diverse young campers, who get stunned by some sort of meteor, light blast, which somehow takes them to a superhuman world. Oh yeah, after the blast, their digivices (digimon interactive passports/remote controls) float out of the ground and with the blast also came DIGIMON. Each camper acquires this digital form companion; interestingly the personalities between each camper and their digimon seem to resemble a romeo and juliet kind of love – It’s proper cool If do say so myself.

Throughout the first two episodes, the Digimon fight there first battles and they all Digivolve (Imagine skipping from a foetus form to a adolescent form by spinning in the air!). It’s funny how all of their personalities clash until ‘TAI’ brings back the peace.

There are numerous digital battles, superhuman creatures, exciting new worlds and a bunch of campers trying to get home and loads more!

If you’re watching the series with me don’t forget to let me know what you think of each series @EtimExkluse


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