The BEYBLADE Journey has begun!

Now I remember, why as a kid, I was a happy chap. The immense metal crashing battles, parallel to the passion filled narrative was one of the best combinations ever invented, oh actually, change that to last sentence into present tense format.

I’ve begun my beyblade rekindling process with nothing but excitement. After watching how Tyson obtains his dragoon bit piece, defeats prestigious opponents and rises up to challenges which others may consider a waste of time, I am fully buzzing!

The Digimon journey began, and now… the Beyblade one has. To every person out there that knows they are far past awesome because they know so, get at me on twitter with your thoughts on the episodes @EtimExkluse (I’ll be posting regular updates on my viewing progress).

P.S – if you’re not going to watch it, you may as well just go to the person nearest, put toothpaste in your eyes and do infinity star jumps, YOU’RE MAD.


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