After Canadian born rapper ‘Drake’ played on the catchy phrase ‘YOLO’ in a tune ironically entitled ‘The Motto’ which means ‘You Only Live Once’, a lot of people seem to remember, well… that you only live once.

If I only live once why should I do what is right?

Why can’t I make the most out of life? 

Why can’t I be adventurous, wild and a bit stupid?

These were a couple questions that popped into my mind when referring to ‘YOLO’, maybe they popped into yours too?

As you can see in this beautifully illustrated portrait of Canadian born rapper, Drake, YOLO is the new ‘in thing’… YOLO init #Leaveeeityeah

I asked a few of my peers at Westminster Kingsway College to state the first 3 words/phrases they thought of when I said #YOLO? Here’s what they had to say.

Aiden “Making Sense, Overated, Trend”

Leah “Responsiblility, Don’t die hated, Everything happens for a reason”

Harvey “Sillyness, Ridiculousness, Naivity”

Jarred “Choices, Fun, Live life to the fullest”

Adrine “God, Family, Friendship”

Leanne “Fun, Fun, Fun”

Interesting. I gathered a wide range of responses – some full of sense, some not so sense-filled. All equally valid (Lets be politically correct). Actually scrap that, some of their answers were clearly irrelevant.

It seems to me that the youth generally believe their freedom should equate to entertaining their personal pleasures. Yes, that’s a pretty decent way to live life, like… if we’re not happy then life wouldn’t be worth living right? We were definitely not made to have an upside down smile, imagine that? Imagine how many girls would be complaining about the bags under their eyes and the amount of guys getting into crime and fights to take out their unhealthy energy. So I agree 100% we should be happy and have fun! We’re young, we need to enjoy ourselves.

Let’s see what twitter think about the term ‘YOLO’.

Hmmm… Some people ay?

There’s having fun, and there’s being plain STUPID. I think it can strongly be argued that people are now integrating ‘YOLO’ into eradicating the wise values and morals  instilled by their parents, older people in their lives, their communities and cultures etc. Values and Morals are being attacked by talk with no sense, substance or foresight, the same way Tottenham was attacked during the Riots last year, instead this time… There is no just reason to ethically support this attack.

But who actually cares about values… Should you even care in fact?

Why do we live to satisfy ourselves with ‘short-term’ pleasures? Like, getting drunk the night before work – the buzz is exciting and unexplainable, but when we have to explain our lack of performance, that too, seems unexplainable – Scratches head. We can see that sometimes the consequences of our self-derived actions don’t necessarily portray us in a, respectable manner shall we say; yet we continue to do the same old things because… we haven’t found a certified reason not to?

This is what my mates from ‘NOG’ told me.

Ryan told me about how he nearly got run over as he was planking in the road . Sophie told me about how she cheated on her boyfriend after he just bought her a new necklace. Jay told me how he’s spending his savings on drugs and alchohol.  I pondered and asked them why they did all these things, their replies were: ‘YOLOinit’. (Shout out to the cyber beings, repping (NOG) No Organs Gang).

Seriously speaking, We don’t know what their conscious says to them when their alone, away… from all influences… from all material items… from all comfort essentially… When you focus on gratifying yourself  to the extent where you begin to loose your integrity, insecurities will begin to fester.  They’re living life as ‘Posers’ and actually are confused, bewildered, unfulfilled, unhappy, discontent and don’t know what to do… They have no FIRM Identity. So what do they do? They allow themselves to be fooled, into wanting to gratify themselves based on what they see, not what they know – Imagine being asked what is 1 + 1 and saying 3 because you saw it written somewhere. We can only look at someone else’s life through a filter, why do I say this? Because we don’t always know the consequences they receive for their actions… Maybe ‘YOLO’ helps them cover up the guilt and shame they feel?

What really makes YOUR Identity? Will it be your surroundings OR your Integrity in what you know deep down is right and makes you happy…

‘If I only live once, I’m going to turn every bit of sadness around me into happiness’

‘Living once means one chance right? I want to live the right way with a clear conscious’

‘YOLO’s not an excuse to me, it’s a reminder that I need to do what is right’

#JustAThought – Feel free to comment with your thoughts on this post, do you agree? do you disagree?

Written by @EtimExkluse

Check out what George The Poet has to say about #YOLO

16 thoughts on “#YOLO – YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE… Right?

  1. Decent post 🙂 more and more surrounded by the world YOLO, half of the time its for doing something stupid and the rush, keep it up

  2. Great article, well written – no proofing errors found here!
    Flowed nicely, and got the message across well, a good message at that, hope it gets some publicity. All in all, very nice, I look forward to reading more stuff!

  3. Daammmnnn, Thank God You Wrote This, I Totally Agree ! Its The Dumbest ”Reason” For The Most Serious Things, Its Sad Our Generation Has Excepted It Too To Be Honest, If You’re Using The Phrase As A Joke Fair Enough, But It Shouldn’t Be Taken Seriously, Could Create A Lot Of Trouble..

  4. What a fantastic post, I think that we should all remember YOLO, in times when we may be scared to do things outside our comfort zone, or things we have never done, but not in silly things like getting drunk, compromising morals etc.. & I think you’ve made a goooood point in that people can use YOLO as a way to cover up their guilt after what they’ve done! Really liked this post, keep it up, & the poem- all I can do is *clicks fingers*

    • Haha, glad you like the post. I agree with your points regarding trying out new things, really nice angle you got there. Thanks for your comment, I’ll deffo try to keep it up, God willing ay.

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