Film made in honour of Nigerian Plane Crash Victims

Nigerian film director ‘Obi Emelonye’ states ‘I can’t escape the fact the film now takes on deeper meaning’ when referring to the saddening plane crash in Nigeria’s busiest city, Lagos, which we all recently found out about. (Click here to watch his full interview with the BBC)

Obi Emelonye has recently screened his feature film, which documents Nigerias 2006 plane crash, in London.

On a lighter note, it was good to see that Nollywood films are progressing in the quality of their cinematography. The eye-watering quality of Nollywood movies is most definitely one its main defining characteristics, I think we are all glad to see a considerable rise in quality from the Nollywood film industry – although, the blatantly ear-molesting sound combined with grain so densely populated it makes phone recordings seem phenomenal, can be considered an element of entertainment I guess?

It’s an exciting time for Nollywood and an obvious landmark in the Nigerian film industry – I think a round of applause is warrented here.

Written by @EtimExkluse


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