My new Short Film ‘Exkluse Media covers the London abductions: Urgent Appeal (URBAN/SCI-FI SHORT FILM)’

Hi everyone, hope we’re all good.

This Friday, my dear friend/co-dee/partner, @KairoExkluse, came back down to London (he basically fled the city, fearing he may be abducted). Long and short of the story, when me and this guy work together ‘big tings a’gwarn’.

Me being me, suggested we should make a film (I really hate films) that would act as a nice checkpoint along life’s roller-coaster of a journey. So what did we do? We made a film!

We didn’t want to make just any old film that would make you laugh and giggle a bit, we aimed to make you smile, but also take something out of the film. According to the feedback I have received from the short film so far, it has done just that – high five Etim & Kairo! Great job!

As I love directing and creating timeless material that people can not just be gratified by, but use as a life tool almost, this was really fun to make. You get to see mine and Kairo’s badman characters converse in a manner that is, disappointingly, representative of a lot of young males in London, not to mention the naivety that goes with this from the female side, a lot of the time. I’m not here to attempt to seem righteous, however, I am here to display my opinion and raise questions on topics that matter to myself and the cultures & communities around me..

We previously made a Coco Pops Advert which received a lot of love, you may want to check that out too if you like.

Let me know what you think of the new Urban/Sci-Fi short film by commenting/liking the video on Youtube; if you feel the message, please share this video with a mate on Facebook and on Twitter etc. Feel free to Subscribe to the YouTube channel, similar films will be uploaded in the near future.

P.S. if you’re a scriptwriter and want to do some work with me, Contact me.

The film looks into youth culture in a way that I believe will give food for thought. Do you find the way young males in London address females is an issue? Comment with your thoughts

@EtimExkluse @KairoExkluse


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