RUIN #Animation #Sci-Fi #Urban #ShortFilm

RUIN (Click here to watch)

Fast paced, Full of heart and visually stunning animation.

Amongst a post-apocalyptic universe, one that hints a pre-urban nature, similar to I-Robots, a lone warrior stumbles across a package that contains a fascinating device that poses the questions, how did it get there? what does it do? in addition to many other mind-boggling suggestions your brain automatically conjures (whether you like or not). Out of nowhere, a space cabin, just like the one out of Prometheus (I recommend you seeing it!) appears. The chase begins.

The narrative is purposeful and grabbing, and could even be used as a metaphor for the personal battles we endure as humans, sometimes we just want to be alone, enjoying the company of our thoughts. The animation is truly phenomenal, combining realism and extravagance in a seamless way. Moreover, the sound is flipping sick! If I do say so myself, the grumbling bass and hissing howls of the wind intensify the viewing experience ten fold. You are taken to an unreal world with real scenarios, taken along a journey that forces you right into the experience, you’re a part of the mix.

Where do you escape to when you want to free your thoughts? Drop a comment. Me, personally, I like the Gym. It’s a place where I can channel my energy and thoughts in a concentrated way, additionally I love the beaches of foreign lands when I go on Holiday!


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