Flicker #Comedy #ShortFilm

War in the Office!

A war of heart ache, pain and frustrating consequences, this war will make WWIII seem as feeble as a cat with a shimmering coat of isolation, dazzling over its iris.

The opposing forces won’t stop till, erm never? Death can’t discipline the conflict, can anything discipline the conflict? It is saddening to see such a pitiful scenario, arise from the womb of an office environment – Office Environment? you ask- don’t ask, just watch, you’re only a flick away, do excuse the not at all intended pun.

We are living in a world where originality limps with cuts and bruises. Well at least I thought so, until… until Flicker! Ok maybe it’s not exactly as I hinted, but what it definitely is, is original and it’ll most certainly leave you throwing yourself around in laughter – if you laugh at things that are funny that is.

Did you find it exceedingly hilarious at points like myself? Drop a comment, talk to me, I talk back.

Check out more work from the Director (Peter Atencio) – https://vimeo.com/atencio


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