Are you REALLY true to yourself? #Inspiration #JustAThought

How can you be true to yourself, when you don’t even know what your ‘self’ is

Greetings friends (and quite possibly haters).

Earlier this evening, I bumped into some mates from college at subway, and we happened to stumble into a conversation reviewing the negatives and positives from our academic year.

The discussion lead me to stating ‘If you want to do better in your education, you should firstly, concentrate on being a better you’.

You’re probably thinking ‘Erm, well.. yeah.. elaborate.’. It’d be my pleasure.

Ask yourself, what makes your conscious feel stupid because you’ve done it again, that’s right you’ve been stupid, again, you’ve flirted with your friends fiancée (rather eloquent way of describing a partner-makes me feel  like a verbal superhero), again, you’ve chucked your banana skin on the floor – with a guilty lil partner named ‘Eeval’ suggesting it would be a great joke (Ok, I raise my hands, you can blast me, I’m guilty… for not thinking like this), again.

So you’ve basically triggered something I call the, ‘I’m guilty. Oh crap. I feel like mucus (a lil bit…)’ reaction.

How do you think a boxer would feel if he was told he had to pole dance? How would a business executive feel if she had to photograph for The Sun newspaper? How would a 6-year-old child feel if she had to get married to an 35-year-old Ogre, called Shrek?


So how would your inner most being feel (inner most being azonto’s (dances) when it’s values and morales are upheld btw) ? When it is being stabbed in the back, by what? Possibly just laziness, or a really poor defense, or maybe even a desire to oppose what you know deep down is core to your Identity.
It feels like you do, when your best mate says he’s/she’s coming to your birthday, then decides, well… that he/she can’t be bothered (he/she also has the cheek to have a great time, and that he’ll/she’ll be thinking about you)
The crowd yells ‘But Etim, how the hell does the link to education? (not that that’s the main focus, or is it?)’


Well, this is how. Riding on the basis that you want to be successful, when anything intervenes with your journey to success, you’re not going to be to pleased, are you? To be a better student- or anything else that is relevant to your life -, all you need to do is, make it a priority, and then identify everything that could reduce its level in your hierarchy.

So for me, that would be lowering the importance of: socializing, Mans core need – Love (Gods got me perfection, trust me bredrin *jamaican accent*), External film projects, Football, Gym, Blogging etc. You get the jist.

Are you going to be that boxer pole dancing, or that executive business women carrying out photography, or that little girl falling in love with an Ogre? – Or, are you going to recognise your ‘desire for success’ ( @_Desire4Success inspired me on that one ), and be true to your Identity, be loyal to it, treat it like your imaginary best-friend didn’t ?

I’ll leave it at there, I can seriously blabber on for……………………. *The story continues*…… *The end before the actual end*…..

I’d be pretty fascinated to hear your opinion on this? Did this inspire or motivate you? Would you like me to take a closer look at this subject matter? Drop a comment. (If they actually help, I’ll try my best to keep them as regular as possible)



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