My first EVER Interview :O (#Faith #Christianity #HowWomenShouldDress #Selfishness #Inspiration + More!)

Hello cyber world, once again.

On the back of being asked by my good friend @GaetanIfonge (CEO of @SolidMusicEnt) if I could share my journey to being a born again Christian in an interview, I was like yeah course, why not?! – JOKE, I was very afraid of the pressure and I risk of something going wrong :(.

Then I remembered, it’s not going to be my own strength through which the interview will be conducted, but the Lord Almighty’s – this guy always gets me out of sticky situations *Wipes sweat from forehead*.

After praying over the interview from around a week before (When Gaetan asked me) I felt confident that I would be representing God in the best way possible.

Throughout the interview I touch base on the following areas: Faith, Christianity, My Past, Selfishness, How Women should dress, Partying, AC’s, What makes a REAL man etc.

Please remember that you are not obliged to agree with what I’m saying, that would be very wrong, if you have queries or would like to discuss the topics I speak about further, you can contact me in any way you’d like. Click here for my Contact Page.

I pray that this communicates to you and feels you with hope and joy :D, maybe?

Again, I have to be very thankful and grateful that @GaetanIfonge had belief in me (I was shook at first lol), make sure you follow him guys, and his media company @SolidMusicEnt.

P.S. I know a lot of you are going to be waiting for me to slip up out of love, I know, but I sin like you sin (Congratulations Etim, you have achieved the human award!), I’d appreciate if you sharpen my iron as I sharpen yours? (Proverbs 27: 17), thanks.



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