All my Photography in ONE PLACE? Yeah baby.

'I want that, Now''NOOO!''Can I make it...''Drunk @ Midday? Corrr''Walk, Here''Where's my train?'
'I wonder if Pokemon could be real one day...''Farewell''I get lonely a lot''Yeah she looked as good as my Whole Chicken, Extra Hot''I'm waiting, I'm here''Yeah, Magic'
'I tried to write 'E' lol''Ok?''Gaze'Nandos'The end is just the beginning of something new''Yeah, I hit a stinker'
Big place, ay?'Am I there yet?''But... what if?''Can you hear me God?'

I have recently rekindled my passion for Photography, gaining Inspiration in a way that is more ‘my kinda way’, how? By drawing memorable moments with my friggin camera!

I hope to post some of my Photo’s on this blog, but if you want to see it all, make sure you befriend my Flickr.

Keep it flicking.



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