UK Artist Lethal Bizzle talks about his journey in Grime Daily Documentary #Inspiration

East London born UK underground artist, Lethal Bizzle, who was a former member of ‘Fire Camp Crew’, the man behind the arguably hypest tune ever ‘Pow’, who now has the whole of the UK – and possible beyond – screaming out DENCH, talks about his journey to the top in this 15 minute documentary with one of the UK’s leading underground online broadcasters, Grime Daily.

The documentary seems to tap into Lethal Bizzles, more serious side, and subsequently the tone of  the documentary is serious; this is a serious milestone in Lethal Bizzles career.

Realtalk and genuineness oozes out from the interview and certainly inspired me. I particularly loved this quote:  ‘You can never be defeated’. Big Bizz mentioned this when referring to the strenuous journey his music career has taken him on.

Enough of me, so I’m gunna #leaveityeah, now go get Inspired and watch the dam video!



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