#AngerIsPeace (The Aim)

#AngerIsPeace is going to be a blog series that explores the theme of ANGER.

Concentrating on the benefits that anger brings, I aim to unlock the secrets to Anger that we all are puzzled about.

(Photo from tips-tricks.net)

Tell me? Do you ever feel like you can’t do something? Do you get annoyed quickly? Do you feel like everyone is against you?

To all those who said yes, from the far away place you are reading this, I can relate to you.

I grew up angry, I know the evilness anger can bring to our souls. I HATE certain characteristics it brings out in me. I’m passionate in mastering anger, because from my own experience, I believe it has ALL we need to live a fulfilling life, full of joy and peace.

The Beast in you. Anger brings out the wild beast in you, it’s very healthy to have this creature in you, it’s not healthy to let it ruin your life, this is a quest in which we will learn, together, to tame the beast inside, using it’s energy to do good!

(Btw, I am in no way or form qualified to be teaching you about anger, but I know for a fact, I am qualified in sharing my account of how anger is becoming my new bestfriend.)

My Goals (so far).

  • Increase my Selflessness
  • Help others who struggle like I do
  • Learn more ways to tame my beast
  • Turn depression into celebration
  • Provide Hope, Motivation and Inspiration
  • Become more confident in my style and personality
  • Become more of an effective communicator
  • Build a team of support
  • Provide young people with hope
  • Gain the confidence to write a book
  • Learn to talk less? More concentrated maybe? lol
  • Spread the Glory of God

I’d appreciate if you could help me become better in these areas, I help you, you help me?

Recap. To sum up the point of this blog series, I want to help people to bring out the beast inside of people who shy away from it (anger), and help people to tame the beast, if they let it control them (anger). How? By using my very own experiences to unlock common mysteries, reading around the subject matter and sharing what I learn, and by interacting with you guys, finding answers for any questions you may have. I do this for people I care about, so that’s YOU! (So cheesy? You’ll get to know, that’s just me).

Share my Passion? If anyone shares my passion in this theme, talk to me lol! Maybe we can work on projects together? Go to my Contact Page to find out how to get in touch, many thanks.

***COMPETITION: Have you got a good ANGRY face?*** Send in images of your best Angry face to my email: exkluse@hotmail.com and you may be featured in future episodes, if you look really Angry, just for fun! Don’t forget to send in your twitter names too so people can find you.

God bless.



3 thoughts on “#AngerIsPeace (The Aim)

  1. Sounds like a very interesting project! I hope I don’t sound silly and overly academic, but if you’re interesting in reading some insightful stuff about this topic I strongly recommend Seneca’s “On Anger”. I’m afraid he disagrees with your belief that anger can be beneficial, but then it’s always good to have a few counter arguments to look at 🙂

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