Denzel Washington quits acting! EXPLAINED

Hey, Hi, Howdy partner.

I Got You still 2

How have you all been?

I’ve been busy with… life. I’m sure you know how it can get sometimes, you have to slay dragons and save princess’ from these overgrown ants with tails. Life, ay.

In short, a good friend of mine approached me to ask if I could play male lead for his debut single. I exhaled a mixed of apprehensions and with a few nods from my heavenly Father I humbly accepted the role.

Here’s the final product:

Let’s hear it then… what are your thoughts? Isn’t the chorus catchy? ‘If you got then I got you…’. Nice one Keys.

So basically, I just wrote the rest of this blog post from here to the end. It was flavoured with creativity and enticement and filled to the brim with humour and gratification. You know how Macbooks have those helpful touchpad hand gesture shortcuts? They helped me, helped me go back to the previous page without saving my wondrous words. Unfortunately I really cannot be asked to rewrite it all because it will not flow as well.

The positive is, you don’t actually have to read my creative waffle to a made up journalist called Jo, whom I was unashamedly interacting with, and instead, you can take the time to imagine the impact of the slap I endured for the good of the music video narrative.

I Got You still 3

Scale of 1 – 10? How hurt do you think I really was? The most creative and accurate answer will receive a unique prize hand-picked from the alphabet by myself.

I Got You still 1

The photo above is my favourite scene. It’s also my director friend, Chris’ too (follow him on twitter: We actually shot this scene the speediest out of all the scenes (Another interesting fact nobody really needed to know).

*Drops the mic like Mic Righteous in the BBC 1xtra Cypher*

Screen Shot 2014-10-11 at 13.59.31

Okay now can I please have all the real slim shady’s please listen up, please listen up.

My co-stars Mya (Main) & Rae (supporting) gave me the most seamless working environment to allow for such a Denzel slapping performance. It helps to work with talent and not just people. My girls smashed it! *You clap now*  – I’m still in character; that’s not even their real names.

Screen Shot 2014-10-11 at 00.15.48

I worked with an efficient cameraman, Fola, Assertive director, Chris and the not very tired behind the scenes shooter JJ. Together they delivered an efficient service pulsating with creativity and flair.*You clap now* Check out the BTS video here: 

I worked with a fantastic production team, TDT (like their brand new Facebook page here:, who engineered the entire project. They deserve a round of applause. The entire team was full of character, zeal & talent. From Tendai to Tevin, from Ife to David aka Keys. *You clap now*

Screen Shot 2014-10-11 at 00.05.31

Lastly I want to point out that the heartbeat to this project, Mr Keys (He got you! So you got to follow him on twitter now: His melodic vocals and determined character on set created a confident current that pushed the entire project into perfect alignment.

So, that is a bit of chit-chat & riff-raff about my debut on the (not so)-big screen. But on a serious note, I do hope you enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed making it. Take care and tell someone within an 10 minutes of you closing this tab that YOU GOT THEM <3.

Follow @Etimexkluse for ab-chiselling jokes and banter. Kidding. Still follow me I beg.


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