Self Confidence: Work with what you ARE, not what you HAVE!

Need a pep talk about confidence? Lost your edge? Looking for your sparkle? Check out my good friend Thelma’s new article. You’ll love it.

Life As I Know It

On Wednesday at work, a co-worker of mine hit me with possibly the BEST pick-up line in the history of lines. He exclaimed, “Ayi kwei Armah, a Ghanian author wrote a book called the ‘beautiful ones are not yet born’, but in fact, he is wrong. The beautiful one is standing right in front of me”. Me being me, I laughed and refused to believe his words because I thought to myself, I am not at my ideal size; I have gaps in my teeth; My hair looks terrible; I am nothing to write home about.

As we both conversed whilst strolling to the station, he said to me “your presence is your beauty because I can feel your spirit and I feel happy and at peace being around you”. After the few words he uttered to me, I had to mediate on my mindset and to find what the…

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