About Me

“DISCLAIMER – THIS PAGE IS OUTDATED. But have a read anyway. I’ll be updating the page soon.



Hello Hi, My names Etim, surname Essien. I’m an uncool 17 year old who likes to make films. I live in the western hemisphere of London (yes, it does make sense) and I enjoy… A lot of things. Currently working with UKGent Mag & Filthy Rich Parties parallel with my own video production company.

I aim to become a Film Director, or more eloquently broken down, an Auteur. Gods got nothing to do with religion to me, it’s a relationship and thus, in my personal projects you may notice what drives me as a creative.

I’ve been involved in the whole film making thing since the summer of 2010 after purchasing my first camera, initially for Photography purpose, the Canon 500D. Since then I’ve gone on to purchase the camera I use now, the Canon 60D.

I then progressed on to running my own YouTube channel to broadcast my videos, which is where you will find most of my productions. We established ourselves under the production company name Exkluse Media which I co-founded with my partner Kairo (There’s an E in it AND a K in it, get it? We felt smart then and still do to be honest).

After exhibiting my camera & directing skills on the Exkluse Media YouTube Page a lot of different people, companies and 3rd parties liked the videos. This has lead to my involvement with a lot of diverse projects and job roles in directing, filming & editing.

Here’s a list of the types of Videos I’ve produced (Filmed, Edited & Directed):

  • Short Films
  • Music Videos
  • Documentaries
  • Behind The Scenes
  • Events
  • Live Shows
  • Radio Shows
  • Interviews
  • Studio Sessions
  • + MORE

This blog was created because 1. I wanted somewhere you guys could see ALL I get up to under one roof 2. Every adult in a higher position seemed to think this would be a great idea 3. Well… there is no 3

If you would like to get in contact with me regarding my videos please visit the Contact page

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