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VIDEO: Motion Picture Self Portrait #1 (@EtimExkluse)

VIDEO: Motion Picture Self Portrait #1 (@EtimExkluse)

Hi friends, Here’s my new video project. It’s a concept derived from the Portrait theme and was inspired by Darvish Fakhr and Michael Taylor. My aim was to convey several dynamics to my personality and use composition within the motion picture to to help let you know a bit more about me. Do you think I successfully achieved my … Continue reading

Shoe Lace Saga (Comedy Sketch) Directed by @EtimExkluse (2012)

Hello cyber world, it’s been a while aint it? Don’t sweat, I’m rejuvenating so God can guide me to write some succulent pieces of verbal chicken.

So here’s one of the things I’ve been getting up to in my spare time, making random videos for random reasons because I L-i-k-e-t-o-b-e-R-a-n-d-o-m.

If you don’t already now I’m a young video director, and this is my latest piece.

[WARNING: You may chuckle, and if you do, it’d be appreciated if you could share this video on Facebook and Twitter with your thoughts]

Enjoy your life from now till forever because.. You can, and, it’s fun a bit.

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