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@Johnnylalala JOHN WAYNE/JOHNNY GUNZ FINDS GOD (Video In Post)

London rapper, formally known as John Wayne (@Johnnylalala), has a reputation for his regular referral to evils pressures. Today he released a new Music Video with @FlysWorld which was refreshingly dissimilar to his trademark style.

What do you reckon, is Mr. ‘La La La’ straying away from the darker side and concentrating on finding the light?

Personally, I find this tune very real and I can easily relate – the metaphorical theme of feminising the devil creates real substance in the track.

What are your thoughts on Johnny’s new angle? Is this a publicity stunt? Do you think John Wayne has a religion? Do you dislike the tune, and if you don’t, why?

Let us hear what YOU think, Drop a comment.

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