My Poems

I guess this is my page for poems people. (Good start, Etim, you just showed alliteration).

I am not a poet. I am an Artist. I like to express my thoughts in which ever way I feel like. This is what happens when I use poetry as source of mind release. (It’s been suggested that I should make videos out of my poem. I’m not quite convinced if I should. If you would like me to, please comment, thanks.)

Superman V The Power Rangers

Made this for no reason, just let it go.. and this happened, I’m not a poet by title either so erm if there are  some grammatical errors, feel free to grill me lol. Oh yeah, lemme know your thoughts on this, safe bredrin

Play this while you read:

So, we all wanna be a Superman or Superwomen, but what’s really super about a heart that’s super stiff,  A heart with its chest out, wanting to get the best out, of life. Now isn’t that fun? Drinking? Drugs? Sex? Isn’t Super more like mighty morphing like a Power Ranger.


Look at it like this, we have a saviour that wants us to love thy neighbour, and by favour this saviour still loves us after all of our bad behaviour, now that’s major. Who’s major? You? Superman? Superwomen? What, you think wearing an S on your chest, will get rid of all the sins you’ve done and all the tears you’ve wept..


Superman, Superwomen, adamant about being arrogant and stubborn, 2 2s the whole world gassed them… 4 what reason? Oh yeah, the world lives by it’s own rules.  But a Power Ranger doesn’t tell the game how to play the game because where there’s a will there’s a way, and I will win.


Superman’s  Super glued to the board. Yet claims he’s gunna win? The Power Rangers just another piece on the board, humbled by the hand that makes the moves.

‘The Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve’ Matthew Chp.20 V.28

Written by Etim Essien. @EtimExkluse I’m #uncool so you can follow me. Comment with your thoughts perhaps?
Twitter Accident
This poem was written by accident on twitter, hence the name, (at precisely 9.40pm GMT 23/04/2012) while I was tweeting away… The Holy Spirit works in amazing ways, like… who writes poems by accident on twitter? Anyway… I decided I may as well share this the rest of the world. I Haven’t gone over the grammar because I cba. Here goes…

Once an exclusive, exuberant, edgy young miss, put it all on show and it disappeared in a blink, the blink took away who she was, now… think

Something 2 look forward to, now something to look back on, she can’t get back on, track, the train detoured & picked up one too many man

There was a choice, the track of Integrity & the track where Attention consumed, now she was consumed, in a vacuum where isolation loomed

The isolation was a cloud, and the cloud turned into a storm, the storm was ‘all the way’, now she wants to go back all the way she came

She was stuck in gear 5 so no turning back, but a hand from the heavens was like a JCB made for trains on tracks

The grasp of the metal asked for approval many times, till the day she said yes the JCB could not grasp her insides

The train kept going but she was only a passenger, so the JCB split the clouds and managed to gather her

Put her back at the beginning of the track, and said jump in the driver’s seat but keep communication up

I’ll tell you where to go, I have the answers to make your doubt unstuck…

Romans 8:14-15 ‘14The true children of God are those who let God’s Spirit lead them.15 The Spirit we received does not make us slaves again to fear; it makes us children of God. With that Spirit we cry out, “Father.”’

Feel free to share/tag/like/comment this poem if you like it or think it may help someone out, God bless and cyber high five

Written by Etim Essien. @EtimExkluse I’m #uncool so you can follow me. Comment with your thoughts perhaps?

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